The 10th Tallinn Design Festival  

17-20th September 2015

The 10th Tallinn Design Festival introduces the ideas behind the future design and meditates upon the changes which cause shifts in the field of design. o how can design improve not only the material environment around us but also our institutional lifestyle? o what can the „design-orientated“ imagination accomplish for the public sector? o how much do we know about the new possibilities brought about by the rapidly developing 3D technology? o is there always a need for new products or can we learn how to fix the excisting ones? Through our seminars, workshops, exhibitions, fashion shows, film programs, PechaKucha lightning talks and other festival events exciting our design gustation we will try to offer new knowledge and experience.     

One of the main guests of the Festival is Charles Landry (UK), the author of the Creative Cities concept, who gives a presentation on the developments of the future city. Jon Marshall,  Design Director MAP from UK introduces his design project for Virgin Atlantics. Jon Eliason (Sweden) will take us to Villeroy-Boch Gustavsberg design world. Freek Wallaard, the representative of Grow, Official Representative of Netherlands Higher Education Institutions, concentrates on the shortcomings in design management education.  Brits led by Daniel Charny reveal the Fixperts project which values sustainability and encourage problem-solving design. They also reward the best project on the topic at the festival gala.    
The most productive designers are acknowledged at the grand opening event which offers a glimpse into the history of the festival and introduces the organisers. Reet Aus’s fashion concert brings the Gala to an end. The film programme includes the premiere of the environmentally-oriented documentary “Out of Fashion”. The last ten years of the design festival are captured in a recently finished video film “DÖ_10”.   
The kick-off of a new series of events called “Me, Designer. Me, Architect” will take place introducing Estonian designers and offering people the opportunity to meet professionals face to face. The project “Disainipunkt” (Design Point) brings together the top of Estonian design in the pleasant 

atmosphere of Architecture and Design Gallery. Italian industrial design is presented through the works of Paolo Favaretto who is a member of the jury for the design award Bruno. The exhibition “No Randomness” and a presentation at the seminar by Oscar Lhermitte (UK) shows that nothing is random in design.  The stories of the winners of DBA Design Effectiveness Award measuring the effectiveness of British design are displayed for the delight of all those who value success above all. Estonian graphic designers present the poster exhibition “Isikupära / Individuality’15”.  Examples of good Polish, Swedish, Israeli and Portuguese design will be exhibited.  

As a pleasant tradition, the Festival will be wrapped up by an emotional Fashion Show.  Exciting light installations and festival events are scattered around the city.   

A lounge promoting fine Estonian food and drink is opened in the Helios cinema rooms. There one can also find  exhibitions by design schools and international expositions. The POP-UP Hotel project in cooperation with the jazz festival Juujääb and several other exhibitions could be found in the building of Estonian Academy of Arts. The Gala, seminars, lectures, fashion shows and workshops, including those for kids and Maker´s Lab take place at Kultuurikatel, Tallinn Creative Hub.    

Guided tours bring visitors to places of design value and to festival satellites. The design-oriented cooperation with Tallinna Kaubamaja (Tallinn Department Store) keeps running on. Parallel to Design Night Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB will be held and more attention will be payed to the cooperation between architects and designers.   

On May 20, 2015 Tallinn Design Festival DESIGN NIGHT was given the Europe-wide recognition – DESIGN NIGHT was counted in the renowned European festivals the information of which will be published in the Festival Catalogue, summer 2015.  

IX Tallinn Design Night festival, September 25-28, 2014



The times when the value of design was measured purely based on appearance and beauty are over. Contemporary design consists of integrated dynamic processes which give rise to functional, long-lasting, approachable and adjustable smart products which are comfortable to use, make our lives easier, create emotions and look great. In addition to this, improving our environment and existent services, creating new ones and combining them with products play an important role in creating well-being – this is what service design sets out to achieve.


In the ever-changing world, those who are innovative stand out – those who learn from their mistakes, who can turn the values created by design into business and export and integrate design with other disciplines. All this, in turn, helps to expand the economy and develop Estonian design culture.


IX Design Night festival which takes place on September 25-28, offers local design lovers yet another invigorating dose of international design and introduces good Estonian design. It is the year of design awards – the BRUNO product design award is given out and the best graphic designers, service designers and young designers are rewarded at the Estonian Design Awards gala. The award exhibition takes place in the NO99 theatre and the festive awards gala is held in the tent at Lilleküla football stadium.


The meatier part of the programme consists of a design seminar and workshops. This year, the international seminar Design Miss-takes concentrates on the mistakes, challenges and lessons learned. Among others, the accessories designer Elissa Bloom (USA), industrial designer Paolo Favoretto (Italy), design strategists Mikal Hallstrup (Denmark), Steinar Valade-Amland (Denmark), journalist Michael Dumiak (USA), designers Tania De Bruycker (Belgium) and Martin Pärn are giving presentations.


In order to be able to distinguish between good and bad design, we are organising a campaign where we collect examples of user-hostile design with possible solutions for improvement. Design students, professionals and everyone who wants to make the world a better place are welcome to take part. The results are displayed at the exhibition Design Miss-takes.


This year’s festival programme includes several design education workshops and exhibitions. The younger design fans can visit the former Helios cinema where an exhibition of works from design schools is displayed. Young students can also take part of the festival – the launch and exhibition of the Estonian translation of the Polish Illustrated Design ABC Book takes place in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, hosted by design teachers from Estonia and Poland. Furthermore, the children’s product development project Real Design which starts in May, where carpets and lights are industrially manufactured based on the designs of year 7 students, will also take the form of an exhibition. Under the guidance of Björn Koop, youngsters can also learn visualization and modelling.


The Estonian Academy of Arts celebrates its 100th jubilee in 2014. The programme of Design Night festival reflects on the diverse creative endeavors of the textile department and other achievements of the Estonian Academy of Arts. The Designers’ Face Book series continues.


As has become customary, the festival brings design from around the world to Estonia. Tales of Heroes is a non-traditional, conceptual Flemish design exhibition which introduces design objects through a unique display and simple stories. The exhibition remains open in the Design and Architecture Gallery until October. The young French designer Fabien Carrero Carsenat introduces his resin product collection with a Nordic touch. Tania De Bruycker’s works oscillate on the border of industrial art and design. Finnish industrial artists and designers are planning to redesign the human-unfriendly environment at Lasnamäe as part of the urban art event Suur-Lasnamäe. In cooperation with Portuguese designers, the urban environment project kurvitz+banha is carried out. Furthermore, the results of the bus stop pavilion project Generation 2.0 in cooperation between Italian and Estonian students are displayed.


Several other traditional events are included in the programme such as the Pecha Kucha Night lightning talks with international speakers, a charity auction, lighting displays and of course fashion shows like Design Is In which introduces Reet Aus’s new collection.


Year by year, the interest among creative professionals to take part in the festival as a satellite and organise mini events and presentations has been increasing. For several years in a row, designers, interior architects and manufacturers have been brought together at a mini fair. An overview exhibition of industrial textile design is displayed at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design.


Design Night window and pop-up shop will be opened at Departement Store and an exhibition 12 Stools at LHV bank. Estonian Design House shares design information.


Design Night festival is organised by NPO Disainiöö in cooperation with the Estonian Association of Designers. Estonian Design Centre, several embassies and others are involved in the festival. The Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the city of Tallinn support the festival. 

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Design at your Service

In the end of September city of Tallinn is taken over by design. Fifth Design festival Design Night (Disainiöö) takes place on 23-26 of September and the heart of the festival is situated in lively Rotermann quarter. Different interdisciplinary events around the city embrace design, architecture, art, cinema, music, etc.

The keynote of this year’s festival is Design at your Service, what promotes the application of creativity in the fields of activity of modern lifestyles in the name of creating a better physical and social environment, cultural tourism and cultural entertainment. The keyword is synthesis that indicates to ever crowing process where different fields of culture merge together and create something new and unidentified.

The lead-in to the festival is international conference Design at your Service, where different lectures around the world will speak about Design for All, Design Management etc.

One of the highlights of the festival is announcing the winners of Estonian design prize BRUNO and opening of the exhibition of the works.

In various locations around the city and in building of old flour storage (where Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker was filmed) you can see the core of Estonian design and also fresh picks of Holland.

Design Night also urges to find connections between design and culinary. Workshop/contest Leib (Bread) appraise Estonian pastry and in the guidance of Simone van de Waart we search for Estonian Snack.

Festival visitors will be offered installations created especially for the festival, fashion shows and the chance to participate in workshops and the fund-raising Disainioksjon (Design auction). Pecha Kucha will bring together a lot of architects and designers who will share their thoughts. A drive-in cinema will come to the streets of the city.

During Design Night on Friday museums, galleries and shops will leave their doors open until midnight and host special events, exhibition vernissages, product presentations etc. 

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