Nov 11.–Dec 31.2010 Exhibition of Estonian design at the Festival Les Boréales in Normandy, Caen 04.08.2010

Estonian Association of Designers has had fruitful cooperation with the Estonian Embassy in France for several years. In addition to contacts established at the International Furniture Fair in Paris, new fascinating projects have been initiated. In 2010 Estonian design will be displayed in Normandy; in 2011 the EAD will take part in the Estonian cultural festival in Paris.
French organisers of the Festival Les Boréales proposed to add an overview exhibition of Estonian design in the program of the 19th cultural festival in Normandy. The aim of Les Boréales is to introduce cultural achievements of the Nordic countries to the French audience. EAD wishes to compose the exhibition from works made in recent years and to also include the fresh nominees of the BRUNO design award in the display. The exhibition in Caen will be opened on 11 November 2010 and will remain open until the end of the year. Project manager Tõnis Vellama.