An exhibition for a broader introduction of Estonian designers and designers' profession is now in Tartu. 

Between 2012 and 2017, the designer Ülar Linnuste created a 6-stage exhibition introducing the members of the Estonian Association of Designers as a creative project. In the course of this project, he portrayed and compiled brief overviews of the creative activities of his designer colleagues by providing them with a QR code (a total of 61 members of EAD). 

The aim of DESIGNERS FACEBOOK is wider introduction and promotion of the profession of the designer through specific individuals. In today's consumer society, design surrounds us so closely that we no longer even think actively about who have shaped it. However, all of these products and the environment around us are largely the fruit of designers' work. 

This exhibition links a particular person to his or her creative work or creative team.

If you have equipped your smartphones well in advance with a QR code reader, you can also access larger data volume or designer contact information. Because of the lack of space, the entire project is not exhibited, it is possible to browse the entire exhibition online.

Designers involved will visit the Tartu exhibition April 26th and will give short talks.

You can find all portraits at 

The idea of the exhibition, the portraits and the execution by Ülar Linnuste 

The project was supported by

Cultural Endowment of Estonia

Estonian Association of Designers


About the author:

Ülar Linnuste has graduated from the Tartu Art School in 1977 and graduated from the Estonian State Institute of Art in 1987 with a degree in Industrial Art.

In 1991, Ülar and his partner founded the graphic design and printing company JOON STUUDIO, which operates and operates under his management to date.