Estonian Design introduced on CBS TV channel, 27.02.2024

On February 24, a five-minute video showcasing Estonian design and sustainable businesses was broadcasted on CBS News and Stations Los Angeles channel KCAL-9. Alongside the upcoming ByDesign TV episode in New York, it is expected to reach a total of 12 million viewers.

"The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as a comprehensive exhibition of Estonian design is scheduled to take place in the USA this spring, with international marketing playing a crucial role in highlighting our progress," stated ilona gurjanova 🇺🇸

The Estonian Design House / Estonian Association of Designers in partnership with Estonian Academy of Arts and the e-Residency program, will be showcasing sustainable and digital designs during NYCxDESIGN from May 16 to 23.

👀 In the captivating realm of Estonian design, innovation and sustainability are intertwined. Estonian designers have established a distinct presence with their Nordic minimalist approach, blending tradition and modernity, reflecting a profound reverence for nature and a forward-thinking mindset 💭

Look at the video here

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